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Dealing with existing and future emissions

Diversion from incineration greatly assits with the reduction of emissions, however it does not reduce emissions from existing outputs. The immediate conversion from one technology to another may not be possible due to operational frameworks and therefore the retrofit of new technologies may provide a solution.

Unique, low energy, Advanced Thermal Treatments can be retrofitted to significantly reduce emissions.

Such devices may enable existing power plants to operate with far lower emissions and with greater efficiency.

Adaptation may present the most rapid solution to existing and future indistrial emissions, with options for Carbon Capture and Power

Are emissions being reduced? Emissions of the basket of seven greenhouse gases covered by the Kyoto Protocol have been reduced by a couple of percent, however progress is slow usually being hindered by operational agreements and frameworks.

SME Responsibility Statement

Although only an SME, our company has been able to structure a zero waste initiative with the kind of technology that would have been previously only available to multinationals.

Visible waste reduction

The analysis and feasibility study was swift. Immediately it was clear to the board that utilising the Eneruel technology we were able to give a corporate responsibility statement with confidence. UK plc.

We present the solution today

Traditional incineration is creating toxic emissions and heavily contaminated fly ash that is then sent to landfill. We will treat that waste, diverting from incineration, eliminating the emissions and sending nothing to landfill.