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A Zero Waste Initiative today...

Our approach to projects, includes the world's largest professional services companies, providing comprehensive intelligence of any given sector or territory.

We use this market intelligence to present viable waste initiatives, with a significant reduction in waste costs.

The technology we offer is in a format that makes possible rapid implementaiton of a project and successful targeting of full waste handling requirement.

Through analysis and feasibility, tailored services for the provision of new technology systems can be structured for most companies and governments. Systems maybe provided as an operational cost per tonne to those that qualify, eliminating capital outlay.

Dramatic reduction of environmental impact

Every company, whether SME or multinational and every government must address the rising cost of delaing with waste. The cost to the environment is incalculable and will present an even greater financial hit to all governments and companies.

SME Responsibility Statement

Although only an SME, our company has been able to structure a zero waste initiative with the kind of technology that would have been previously only available to multinationals.

Visible waste reduction

The analysis and feasibility study was swift. Immediately it was clear to the board that utilising the Eneruel technology we were able to give a corporate responsibility statement with confidence. UK plc.

We present the solution today

Traditional incineration is creating toxic emissions and heavily contaminated fly ash that is then sent to landfill. We will treat that waste, diverting from incineration, eliminating the emissions and sending nothing to landfill.