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Country Operations

Working with the Eneruel Group, involves establishing market entry, or the development of existing relations with multinationals or governments to present technologies to divert all waste from incineration and landfill.

A Zero Waste Initiative that presents visible landfill and emission reduction targets for any size company, local or national government.

Projects are supported by the appropriate Engineering Procurement and Construction / Operational and Management contractors.

Full support for commissioning and installation, training and operational accreditation, including Health & Safety and Environmental Compliance. Ongoing Planned and Reactive Support, backed by a 24/7 international help line.

Enabling a Global Reach

The vital foundation involving the use of technologies past the Engineering, Procurement and Construction, is the support frameowrk, providing Service Agreements, Operational & Management services, provision of parts and the critical site intervention period should an engineer be required.

In Country Partners

We work with partners across the world presenting zero waste initiatives, energy efficiency and reduction of emissions. Partners demonstrate market entry and the ability to develop distribution and operations. These maybe new markets or working with existing partners.

Immediate environmental benefits

Zero to incineration and landfill in months as opposed to years, reducing emissions and contaminated fly ash to landfill. Diversion of all waste from landfill and treatment of hazardous waste with no environmental impact.

Partner Benefits

Implementation of market entry programme, benefiting from an experienced team with leading professional services. Rapid market analysis and structuring with full support, developing a visible multimillion pipeline for waste and renewables.