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Immediate diversion of hazardous waste from incineration and landfill

Following successful commercial projects, employing an Advanced Waste Conversiion (AWC) process, we have demonstrated to Health Authorities the ability to reduce hazardous and non-hazardous waste to incineration and landfill... with the added benefit of a reduction in costs

Waste cost savings can be over 50% and potentially up to 80%... major savings for a health service

AWC technology makes possible rapid implementaiton of the project and accurate projection of Zero Waste targets across a healthcare network.

Unsorted hazardous clinical waste collected direct from the wards was processed, sterlised, reduced in weight and mass. The end result being a dewatered inert material with a high energy value for power generation.

Hazardous Clinical Waste as any hazardous waste is costly to remove and treat, with no benefit given back to the health authority. Our unique approach in both treatment and the provision of these technologies presents savings back to the health authority.

Health Authority Statement

Immediate and ongoing reduction in hazardous and non-hazardous waste to incineration, reducing emissions and landfill. Savings generated from our Zero Waste Programme enables diversion of funds into areas where it will most benefit our patients and staff.

Visible waste and Costs reduction

We provided basic inputs for waste analysis and the feasibility was conducted almost immediately. The business case was far too compelling to ignore and a successful pilot was conducted within a few months. Health Authority Representative

Service Providers to the Health Authorities

Gain participation in the Health Authority Zero Waste Programme and increase market share. Generate revenues whilst offering back to the Health Authority a full service with savings plan.