In all areas of the world the generation of waste and emisisons continues to increase and in almost every area of the planet, it is to the detriment of the environment and the health of the inhabitants.

However, we now live in an era that has seen the development of technologies to halt delivery to landfill, reduce emissions, increase the efficiency of power transfer and turn the waste into a commodity to power our cities. The only obstacle to immediately improve our waste and power problems, is the agreement to do so and the establishment of a delivery framework. Through demonstration projects, Eneruel may increase the awareness of ability and access.

Eneruel presents technologies that are intrinsic to these concerns; 100% diversion from landfill, immediate reduction in emissions, increased operational efficiency and the upgrade of power transfer... across industry.

These technologies are relatively fast to install and retrofit, enabling immediate claims forlandfill carbon and energy reduction targets, with unique operational and financial models that open access and scope.

Eneruel is establishing a number of projects in various regions, including the UK, Europe, Australasia and and the Far East. As these projects develop and released form non-disclosure, they will be documented on the site in due course.

To discuss our projects further, get in contact with us : info@eneruel.com